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This patient suffered from low back, neck and shoulder pain. With her treatment on the non surgical spinal decompression machine, she has greatly reduced her pain.

This patient came to Dr. craig Schisler in a wheel chair due to his constant de habilitating low back pain. After 10 treatment with non surgical spinal decompression, his pain has been reduced by 50%. With 10 more treatments to go, he is looking forward to a pain free lifestyle.

This patient suffered from low back and sciatica pain down to the left foot. This pain was caused by a herniated disc. The pain interfered with his work and he was unable to sit for long periods of time. He was in Constant pain. After his doctor recommended surgery, he sought out Dr. Craig Schisler for a non surgical option for his constant low back and leg pain. After only one week of spinal decompression his pain has been reduced drastically.

George has suffered from low back pain for years and after DRX9000 spinal decompression his pain scale has dropped significantly.

This patient suffered from Chronic pain an wanted relief without drugs, needles, or surgery.

This patient suffered from knee pain. With her treatment by Dr. Craig Schisler, she has greatly reduced her pain.

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